Living your Sweetest Life! Living Life Lusciously!


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Living your Sweetest Life! Living Life Lusciously!

Email or Call Kimberly for your initial fee connection consultation to "Living your "Sweetest Life!:" Mobile:  949 939 0248

We all interpret and perceive our lives based on our past experiences, and by those who have raised and modeled behaviors for us.  Our present response to experiences can be a reenactment of our old beliefs, and internal dialogue.  What if we chose to perceive what is happening in our lives every day, differently... not with fear, or judgement, or mistrust but with love, abundance, and hope.  We can learn to create space between those people and things that are not healthy for us, and we can choose to invest in our happiness by surrounding ourselves with a career, friends, loved ones, relationships, hobbies and fun that feed our soul!

Change is difficult and the fear of the future can keep us stuck. I can help you embrace your fear, fulfill your dreams of success and loving relationships, and create a happier joyful you...from the INSIDE out!

Because transformation and new habits take time and effort, this is a minimum of 10 sessions.  

Through weekly or twice a week, hourly connected conversations, we will create and implement the new you:  

  • through journals, or brief writing exercises, we can discover your fears and limiting thoughts.  
  • I will recommend books that assist in creating possibilities for you.
  • I will help you rewrite that internal dialogue so that you quit self sabotage and you can start casting a ballot for Amazing Beautiful all areas of your life! 
  • Incorporate healthy eating and exercise to assist you in feeling empowered and alive and with nature
  • we can discuss any areas you wish, in our conversations to help you negotiate through change, and relationships, however the biggest relationship we will work on is the wonderful powerful relationship you have with yourself.  
  • We are only capable of giving and receiving love in the same quantities and conditions that we love ourselves 
  • Here's to your new Sweet Life! 
  • Three different options 
  • Individual sessions at an hourly rate
  • Package of 10; at a discounted rate over individual sessions)

For your complementary 30 minute consultation to creating your sweetest and joyous life, email me at