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  • Living and Loving Your Relationships

Living and Loving Your Relationships


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We all tend to interpret our present relationships (male and female, friends, colleagues, family) from references from our past, dictated by the result of our experiences, and modeled by those that raised us.  If we can have new tools in our love box that create a healthier space, constructive (not destructive) communication, and a vulnerability surrounding our feelings, we can establish the loving caring relationships we all desire.  After all, humans are not meant to be alone.  We are meant to have the powerful feeling of love, connection, touch, and kindness in our lives! The Sweet Life!

I will not only help you create loving relationships with others, but most importantly help you create a loving relationship with the most important person, YOU!  After all, we can only give and receive as much love, as we give and receive to ourselves.

$125.00 per hourly session, minimum of 3

10 hourly session package, 10 weeks for $1,000.00

For your complementary 30 minute consultation, please email me at kimberly@livelifelusciously.com to connect on creating your many loving relationships. 


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