Executive Leadership Coaching


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Executive Leadership Coaching

Email Kimberly at Kimberly@livelifelusciously.com for your initial connection consultation and quote.

As a successful Leader and Executive, you probably have exhausted the tools of Organizational redesign, Corporate downsizing, and Technological implementations  in order to increase profitability? Maybe its time to leverage the power of your human capital by improving employee engagement to increase profitability!  Statistics show that over 1/2 trillion dollars globally were lost annually due to lost employee engagement which manifested as lost productivity, creativity, contribution, and increased employee attrition.  

What would happen if instead of “just interacting” we chose to do “more connecting” with, our clients, our colleagues, our peers, our leaders?
Connection improves employee engagement, which improves quality, effort, productivity, and employee retention. It also equals “Joy.” “Joy” to the human spirit. Joy equals greater employee engagement to the work they are doing, equals increased quality and pride in their work, equals increased feeling of safety to  express creative, "out of the box," new ideas, to take risks, and to ultimately be loyal to their organization with increased productivity!!!

If there is not joy in work, you won’t get productivity, and you won’t get quality! stated by Dr. Russell Ackoff, a renowned organizational thinking expert.

If you are a leader of an organization that wants to evolve to a level of transparency that encourages employee engagement that leads to fulfillment whereby fulfillment leads to increased joy, then you have just found your right leadership coach and consultant.


Overview:  In this model, Kimberly coaches Executives and Leaders in creating a culture,through leadership, of improved employee engagement, performance, productivity, and profitability.  She coaches Executives on demonstrating transparency, elevating their EQ, managing technology, and incorporating and modeling the "heart of listening."  Her soon to be released book titled: "Something Has Come Between Us!" details the foundation of her formula to increase corporate connection and engagement. 

This package starts out at a minimum of 20 hours with an initial base line assessment of the culture of connection today, the defined desired level of connection at implementation, a components list of possible strategies and tools for adoption, a strategy plan defining acceptable resources and tools and timelines, measurements of success, and coaching leadership in execution and mastery. 

I. Base Line Assessment6 hours

Interviews w key leaders/ Executives, and HR in order to create a base line of existing culture in the following areas and to understand the desired level of achievement and results at end of process.

a. transparency, open door policy, acknowledgement
b. use of technology in regular communication, meetings, projects, and leadership
c. degree of listening, acceptance and encouragement of new ideas, ability to challenge existing processes, and missions, and brainstorm current principles                                  

     II. Creating the Possibility of Increased Engagement: 4 hours

    a. what has been tried so far?
    b. what tools and resources have been tried?
    c. what vision/culture would you like to see?
    d. what tools / resources would you like to implement?
    e. brainstorm                                                                                                       
    III. Defining the Ultimate Strategy:  6 hours
    a.  Creating Vulnerability and Transparency
    b.  Putting boundaries on Technology
    c. Creating the "Heart of Listening"
    d. Redefining Values and Mission Statements
    e. Defining Roles, Responsibilities, and Timelines
    f.  Measurements of Success                                                                                      
    IV.  Execution and Mastery:  8 hours
    a. It starts at the top
    b. Role plays
    c. Creating Technology Rules of Engagement
    d. Suggestions and Enforcement
    e.  Time to Revisit



    Kimberly holds a BBA from Kent State Honors College, and an MBA from John Carroll University, graduating summa cum laude, at both.   Having been a successful Corporate Career Executive in sales, business development, and leadership with the following companies:

    • 1. Marion Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
    • 2. Boston Scientific Medical Devices
    • 3. MedQuist Healthcare Outsourcing and Speech Recognition
    • 4. Optum Health, a division of UHC
    • 5. Genpact, LLC, Vice President Business Development and Sales, creating the Healthcare Vertical
    • 6. Arise Virtual Solutions, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, creating the Heatlhcare Vertical  
    • 6. eHealth Analytics, Senior Vice President for Business Development and Sales

     Lean Six Sigma Certification, Greenbelt

    Email Kimberly at Kimberly@livelifelusciously.com for your initial connection consultation.