Loving Your Career: Career Coaching


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Loving Your Career:  Career Coaching

For your initial connection conversation on Finding and Loving your Career, email or call Kimberly@livelifelusciously.com or call 949. 939.0248.  

Looking for your dream career. Know you are better and more talented than the chair you are sitting in now?  Can you see yourself getting paid more, and living a career you Love?  I can help.  Together we will create your ideal career scenario and have you sitting in that Ms. Executive chair in 3 to 6 months. 

I hold a BBA from Kent State University Honors College, and an MBA from John Carroll University, graduating summa cum laude at both.  Additionally, I have worked in the Healthcare Industry for over 15 years, in a variety of capacities, and always as a top performer.  I have made several career transitions within Healthcare, as well:  

  • Marion Merrel Dow Pharmaceutical Executive (Sales and Training)
  • Boston Scientific Medical Device Executive (sales)
  • Genpact Inc. (Vice President; Coding, and Financial Outsourcing to India and Romania)
  • eHealthAnalytics, Senior Vice President of Business Development 

I understand the political dynamic of being an assertive and successful women in what some times can be a male dominated environment. I can help you negotiate your way to better pay, maintain your image (without giving away your power), and or help you find the dream career w professional cover letters and a powerful resume!   If you are looking to find a new career, I will employ the 7 step model for change so we will need at least 8 sessions together. 

Sometimes, all we need is someone to believe in us when we are struggling to believe in ourselves, and what we are capable of.   Let's start asking for more instead of settling for less! 

Becoming the Executive You Are Package: 

  • 2 hour professional wardrobe analysis
  • 1 hour makeup consultation/ professional overview
  • 1 -4 hour shopping adventure to update your professional look without breaking your bank account
  • 4 hour resume update
  • 4 - 1 hour sessions on work transition (phone or in person) 

$2,625.00 for 15 hour package ( we will complete this process in 3 months or less, depending on your schedule).

Fall in Love with your Career: Finding your new Work Passion

  • 8 hourly sessions utilizing the "7 step model for change" to uncover your dream career and find your wings to fly there.
  • 2 hourly sessions to consult on your resume and cover letter

$2000.00 for 10 hours.  (We will meet weekly, or if your schedule is busy, we will complete this process in 3 months or less). 

For your free, complementary 30 minute consultation  to enhance your Ms.  Executive, email me at Kimberly@livelifelusciously.com