Client Love


ERICA S, Portland, OR, Single Mom,  40 *****

Kimberly really helped me get out of a rut! As a single mom heading back to full-time work, I engaged Kimberly to help get me ready.  She has an arsenal of tools, many of which we used in preparation for my upcoming change.  I think of myself as pretty self-aware and was blown away at what Kimberly was able to help me realize!  As a mom, I run around in tennis shoes- knowing that at some point I'm going to wear high-heels again.  Kimberly was my guide and consultant as we developed a plan to not only supercharge my work search, but also develop an executable fitness plan.  We also evaluated some lifestyle choices that may not sere me well and I'm so pleased with the progress I've made! Prior to engaging with Kimberly, I felt so much apprehension-but that is all in my rear view mirror!  Now my shoes look like high-heeled tennis shoes as I make my transition into a new world balancing it all! 

This customer rated you highly for responsiveness, professionalism, and work quality.

CANDICE W, Huntington Beach, CA , Single 36 *****

Kimberly is incredibly thoughtful in her coaching. She takes the time to really listen and to ask the insightful & probing questions needed for my growth. I instantly felt comfortable with her! She exudes a warmth and nonjudgmental atmosphere which allows me to be more open for her coaching. I cannot recommend her enough and am eternally grateful for the work we've done together.

DEBRA F., Carlsbad, CA. Single, 60 *****

Kim has used her extensive life experience and combined it with her passion of connection to create a successful coaching practice. She is supportive and responsive and helps put you on a path of transformation to a better life. All you have to do is show up and do the work and you'll be on your way to the life you dream about; but the best part is...,you’ll gain a life-long friend!

MONIQUE D, NEWPORT BEACH, CA, married, 60 *****

My name is Monique Denger, and I have been meeting with Kimberly Layne for six weeks, now. Kimberly is not only a great Life and Connection Coach but someone who makes it very easy to share personal issues with and then reflect on where I am in life as a 60-year old grandmother who still wants to embrace life and all it has to offer! She has helped me to look at my strengths and weaknesses and to give more attention to my strengths and celebrate them!

Additionally, with her expertise as a public speaker, she has helped me tremendously to deepen and strengthen the power and content of my 30-minute personal testimony.  I have been giving my personal testimony to groups of women for over seven years now and Kimberly guided me on perfecting its impact, relate ability, and message.  I am ever grateful for her comments and advice to make my presentation one that will make an impact and help other women who have had similar upbringings.

 LORI L., ST.LOUIS, MO., Married, 50  *****

Kimberly is an excellent coach! I have been working with Kimberly for several months and she is an authentic, inspiring and genuine woman. As a coach, she provided me with valuable insight and was able to connect with me on a deeper level. Kimberly has helped me work through quite a few blocks and has helped guide me towards achieving my goals. I am so grateful to have her in my life!