When's the last time you felt beautiful, empowered, really happy? 

  • Frustrated with your weight, don't feel healthy?
  • Don't feel beautiful anymore, stressed out, overwhelmed?
  • Want to move from Mom to Career Women?
  • Know you are worth more and want to work your Ideal Career?
  • Stuck in a unfulfilling career, or relationship?
  • You just don't feel happy, are burnt out?
  • Create More Balance and time for you, work, and family
  • Haven't used the word Indulge or Pleasure in reference to yourself in the last month?

I specialize in coaching women in living their best life...Living their Life Lusciously!.. I like to call it "Have Your Cake and Live it Too!  Yes, ladies, indulge,  feel beautiful, and feel amazing.  When was the last time you felt like that? When we are happy and living in our feminine energy and treating ourselves to some pleasure daily, guess what? we are happier, more joyful and everything in our life begins to improve...you have the energy to take that yoga class, you feel more confident to interview for that new career, you trust your intuition, you feel more satisfied and connected in your relationships... It all begins with celebrating YOU and your unique feminine energy that creates true joy within. Indulging your soul! Once we have you feeling amazing, we can set your dreams on fire!!! let's get you "Unstuck", and feeling healthy,

I have helped many women: Lose weight, create their own personal style, land that phenomenal career, create more connected relationships, leave a relationship, regroup after divorce, release, celebrate and live in their feminine energy for more joy....anything is possible when we come from the right mind set of loving ourselves.

It's time to find pleasure in being you and the fabulous woman that you are! Have your Cake and Live it Too! 


We can have fun and be successful in achieving your dreams if you believe in the following:

  • Most everything is possible, if we have the right mindset, skills, and opportunity
  • Old patterns, beliefs, thoughts, can be modified to improve your life
  • True joy, laughter, and connection is possible and is necessary for us to live life to the fullest  
  • You know what you want to be, do, or change, and all you need is just a good buddy to help you create the steps, and keep you accountable for lasting change! 

Keep in mind, your work, your relationships, your family, your friends, are your life. It is all related.  The one relationship that greatly impacts all of our relationships, is the relationship with yourself!   So be prepared to release, celebrate, and live in that wonderful feminine essence of you.  I can't wait to see you blossom into "Living your Life Lusciously!"

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