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Executive Coach for Women

What's your challenge?

  • Trying to lose weight
  • Trying to live a Healthier Life style
  • Move from Mom to Career Women?
  • Find your Ideal Career?
  • Stuck in a unfulfilling career, or relationship?
  • Need to just feel better daily?
  • Create More Balance and Pleasure in your Life?

Hi and Welcome, so glad you stopped by.  I really like to be called more of a Connection Coach vs. Life Coach as our connections are what help us feel amazing, alive, and have purpose, whether it is in our personal lives, or our professional lives.   

I struggled for over 30 years trying to find my true joy, inner peace, and a life I truly love.  I found the foundation of my true joy is really in the relationships and connections that I have in all areas of my life, plus feeling healthy physically, and existing in a career or purpose that resonates with who I am.    Additionally, it is important to be honoring yourself in the process, listening to your intuition, and following your dreams.  Let's do it!   

We can have fun and be successful in achieving your dreams if you believe in the following:

  • Most everything is possible, if we have the right mindset, skills, and opportunity
  • Old patterns, beliefs, thoughts, can be modified to improve your life
  • True joy, laughter, and connection is possible and is necessary for us to live life to the fullest  
  • You know what you want to be, do, or change, and all you need is just a good buddy to help you create the steps, and keep you accountable for lasting change!

So if you are trying to lose weight, become a career mom, find your career, find your purpose, manage your relationships, turn your dreams into the life you are living, let's get started!  Let's explore your dreams, passions, and hopes.  I truly want to help you manifest what ever your heart is seeking. and living each day more lusciously!   

Keep in mind, the one relationship that greatly impacts all of our relationships, is the relationship with yourself!   So be prepared to find out what is blocking you from "Living Your Life Lusciously!" I can't wait to see what you can manifest for yourself, together!

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Through my own journey to joy, psychological counseling, high level of education, significant and successful career experience, and my many life experiences , in addition to working w top experts in the industry, I can also support you in the following areas: 

Career, Executive Coaching:    As a former Top Corporate Executive, I can help you create and find that Ideal career, boost your confidence and image within and out, even give you recommendations on writing that ideal resume, cover letter, and or polish your interview skills.  You deserve to be loving your Career! 

Executives and Leaders, I specialize in assisting the C suite in creating a culture of genuine connection vs. simple interactions through transparency, technology, and the "Heart" of listening, all which drive employee engagement, productivity, performance, and profitability. 

Living and Loving Your Relationships:   Relationships with the opposite sex, friends, and family can be challenging as we come from different perspectives and with different expectations.  Learn how to manage your expectations, improve your communication, and operate from a perspective of forgiveness and connection vs. anger and separation to create more loving and fulfilling relationships. 

Fashion, Image, and Style:  As a former model in Cleveland, and in Kansas City, and representing such brands as Harley Davidson, Matrix Hair Essentials, Alaskan Fur, Halls Department Store, David's Bridal, and Good Guys, in print, fashion, and on the runway, I can help you discover and bloom your own personal style, unique image, and fashion sense. 

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