Life, Leadership, Career, and Connection Coach

Welcome. So glad you stopped by.  I really like to be called more of a Connection Coach vs. Life Coach as our connections are what help us feel amazing, alive, and have purpose, whether it is in our personal lives, or our professional lives. I see opportunities in both, for improving our simple interactions and create meaningful connections! As a Life, Leadership, and Connection coach, I guide my clients into improving all of their relationships, achieving their career and leadership ambitions, and creating great fulfillment and joy in their daily lives.  But keep in mind, the one relationship that greatly impacts all three, is the relationship with yourself!   So be prepared to find out what is blocking you from "Living Your Life Lusciously!" I can't wait to see what you can manifest for yourself, together!

I struggled many years, plagued by my past, defeated by the mantras in my head, and holding on to life "white knuckled."  By deciding to choose and fight for my own happiness I am truly Living Life Lusciously! ...and you can too!  

As your coach, I will guide, support and encourage you to make simple changes that enrich your life, or create transformational changes in your life, to follow your passion or dreams, to be in that right career or relationship, or simply find more joy and peace in your day to day.  Aren't you worth investing in? 

Live Your Sweetest Life: Ultimately, if your life is not where you desire it to be, we can truly only blame ourselves.   Life is too short not to be happy and living your Sweetest Life.  I would love to help you by guiding you to rewrite the defeating mantras in your head,  by increasing  your accountability, and by leveraging the tools such as the 7 step model for change, to get you there.  In just two sessions, my clients are already Living Life more Lusciously!link for more details:

In addition to helping you finding your Sweetest Life and to Live Your  Life Lusciously, I can also support you in the following areas:

Living and Loving Your Relationships:   Relationships with the opposite sex, friends, and family can be challenging as we come from different perspectives and with different expectations.  Learn how to manage your expectations, improve your communication, and operate from a perspective of forgiveness and connectedness vs. anger and separation to create more loving and fulfilling relationships. details:

Love The New You:  Fashion, Image, and Style:  As a former model in Cleveland, and in Kansas City, and representing such brands as Harley Davidson, Matrix Hair Essentials, Alaskan Fur, Halls Department Store, David's Bridal, and Good Guys, in print, fashion, and on the runway, I can help you discover and bloom your own personal style, unique image, and fashion sense. details

Love Your New Career Coaching:    As a former Top Corporate Executive, I can help you create and find that Ideal career, boost your confidence and image within and out, even give you recommendations on writing that ideal resume, cover letter, and or polish your interview skills.  You deserve to be loving your Career! details:

Executives and Leadership Coaching:   I specialize in assisting the C suite in creating a culture of genuine connection vs. simple interactions through transparency, technology, and the "Heart" of listening, all which drive employee engagement, productivity, performance, and profitability. details:

My Personal Journey to Joy: to read about my own journey to "Choosing Happiness!" and to truly "Living Life Lusciously!" 

Feel free to contact me at for questions, and a free 30 minutes of connection.