Let Me Inspire You!


As a powerful inspirational speaker Kimberly shares her expertise on several topics and speaks to Women Led Corporations, and Women's Groups and Organizations:


"Changing our Simple Interactions into Meaningful Connections;"(Increase Employee Engagement Productivity, and Profitability):   

Kimberly is passionate about creating more engagement and enjoyment in the workplace through increased connection. She speaks on "Changing our Simple Interactions into Meaningful Connections."   Organizations have lost over 1/2 trillion dollars globally due to lack of employee engagement,  Let's leverage your greatest asset, human capital.   She shares ways to create a culture of transparency, to properly manage technology within the workplace, and to practice the "heart of listening." All three components will drive connection and improve employee engagement and ultimately create greater productivity, lower attrition, and increased profitability. Look for her book on this topic, to be published later this year. 

"Don't be such a Man (revealing and celebrating your feminine gifts and strengths to be a successful Executive and Leader):"   We don't need to "do" more (masculine), we need to "feel" more (feminine).  We don't have to throw our high heels away and try to be more masculine as we move up the corporate ladder.  As women we have a natural gift of a higher EQ, empathy, ability to read and manage people, build relationships, and create a culture of connection and community for greater employee engagement and success.  She shares key attributes and methods to embrace and feature our femininity, not hide it.  


"What Secret are you Hiding?"   Kimberly shares her personal journey in overcoming sexual abuse at 10 years old, which led to near death anorexia and subsequent abusive relationships, to her life today, which embraces health, abundance, success, loving connected relationships, and Joy! Her message is for us to "Face our Fear!" and to choose to "Live Life Lusciously!"  

"You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore:" Kimberly emphasizes that as women, we can't walk around with empty buckets and whine and complain and wait for others to fill it up.  We give our power and joy away, that way. We have to learn to indulge our own souls and live our own bliss... and the world will join us.

"What Are you Afraid Of?:"  Kimberly emphasizes the 7 steps you need to do to follow your dreams and get out of your own way. 

"Balance? What's That?:"  Kimberly speaks to the need to create balance in all areas of our life: balance between work and personal, balance between giving and receiving, balance between time w others and time with ourselves in order to exist in our best feminine state.

Kimberly has spoken for the women's symposiums with the Arras Sisters, and several Fortune 500 Corporations. 

Reach out for your connection consultation to elevate simple interactions into meaningful connections, or any of Kimberly's topics, for your group, organization, or corporation, email Kimberly@LiveLifeLusciously.com or call 949. 939. 0248.