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Kimberly holds a BBA from Kent State Honors College, and an MBA from John Carroll University, graduating summa cum laude at both.   Having been a successful Corporate Career Executive in sales, business development, and leadership, she desires to share her passion, expertise, and success strategies in two ways:

1. C Suite Executive and Leadership Coaching:  In this model, Kimberly coaches Executives and Leaders in creating a culture,through leadership,  of improved employee engagement, performance, productivity, and profitability.  She coaches Executives on demonstrating transparency, elevating their EQ, managing technology, and incorporating and modeling the "heart of listening."  Her soon to be released book titled: "Something Has Come Between Us!" details the foundation of her formula to increase corporate connection and engagement.  This package starts out at a minimum of 20 hours with an initial base line assessment of the culture of connection today, the defined desired level of connection at implementation, a components list of possible strategies and tools for adoption, a strategy plan defining acceptable resources and tools and timelines, measurements of success, and coaching leadership in execution and mastery.  Click on this link for more  details:

2. Landing and Loving your Career, Coaching:  This 10 hour package,  not only helps you uncover and land your dream career but also enables you to receive compensation equal to your value, update your style and image, polish your resume, and build a mindset of confidence, joy, and personal happiness and fulfillment.  Click on this link for more details:

For your initial connection consultation, email Kimberly at or call at 949.939.0248.

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