Blog Posts:  
Kimberly authors two Blogs on her website:
"Living Life Lusciously:"  (  Kimberly blogs about her early challenges in life of sexual abuse which led to a deathly eating disorder, and an abusive first marriage and then shares her own healing path to Living Life Lusciously.  Additionally she shares her live YouTube interview with the Arras Sisters (below), "Face Your Fears," which will soon be presented as a documentary series on Netflix or HBO.  The "Making the Tapestry," series will  celebrate women who are giving back after overcoming challenging and sometimes unbelievable obstacles in their youth. 
"Make a Meal, Fix A Feast, Get the Guy!"   Kimberly shares her love of cooking and entertaining and the powerful nurturing and connecting feeling when sharing a home cooked meal.   In this blog, she empowers women who are not comfortable in the kitchen, to don that apron and whip up a simple and yummy, 30 minute recipe to create a meal for their man, friends, or significant other.