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Live Life Lusciously is a platform that celebrates the phenomenal women in Kimberly's life (her mother, grandmother, and Nana), and also her three passions:  (1) Executive Coaching for Women:  to help women find and Live their Sweetest Life, physically, emotionally, professionally, and personally.   (2) Inspirational Speaking:   to Corporations, and Groups on  "Changing our Simple Interactions into Genuine Connections," for greater engagement, productivity, and profitability, and (3) an Artisan Bakery:  to share the nurturing power of baking and creating wonderful indulgent desserts, and the connective power when giving and sharing her great desserts with others.   All three platforms create the possibility to:  Live Life Lusciously, in all areas of our life.  Having an adorable loving Shih tzu puppy like Sammy, has helped in this journey as well; he helps with cheesecake and bakery deliveries. 


Executive Coach for Women: Kimberly is a Certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).   She is also a member of ICF.  Kimberly focuses on women over 40 who are seeking to live the best version of themselves physically, emotionally, professionally, and personally.   Kimberly has had to overcome her own struggles in her life to find personal joy and peace. She is an educated, accomplished, and successful professional Executive, who now desires to give back to other women by helping  them get "unstuck" and to truly "Live their Life Lusciously!

Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant:  Additionally with her SVP and VP Executive background with organizations such as Genpact LLC, Optum, Boston Scientific and eHealthAnalytics,  Kimberly excels at  coaching Leaders and Executives, and consulting with corporations and organizations to create a culture of transparency, properly managing technology within the workplace, and the "heart of listening." All three components will drive connection and improve employee engagement and ultimately create greater productivity, lower attrition, and increased profitability.  Look for her book on this topic, to be published later this year.


Inspirational Public Speaking:   Kimberly speaks to several different  topics, as a public speaker:  1. Her personal journey overcoming sexual abuse, deadly anorexia and subsequent abusive relationships, to now health, abundance, success, and Joy! and 2. "Changing our Simple Interactions into Meaningful Connections." We go through life these days, not truly showing up with our vulnerable selves, and allowing technology to be a substitute for true connections.  She has spoken for the women's symposiums with the Arras Sisters, and several Fortune 500 Corporations.


Artisan Bakery: Kimberly specializes in Italian Mascarpone Cheesecakes, Luscious Layer Cakes, and Divine Holiday Pies, from retro recipes from the great women in her life: her mother, her Nana, and her Grandmother.   She truly believes you can "Have your Cake and Live it Too!  Kimberly has had her desserts on the menu and featured at Sapori's Ristorante, The Bungalow, Mr. G's, Pelican Hill Charity Events, and the Winery, in Newport Beach, CA.        
Please feel free to indulge in a bit of sweetness from my bakery, and reach out for your free 30 minute consultation to Living Your Life Lusciously and Having your Cake and Living it Too!   


Kimberly's story is part of the Arras Sisters Interview and Documentary Series on "Making The Tapestry," soon to be released on Netflix. 


Kimberly is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), through Life Purpose Institute, an ICF accredited program, and pursuing her ACC Credentials. 

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