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Live Life Lusciously is a platform that celebrates two passions of Kimberly's (1) the passion to help women find and Live their Sweetest Life, through Life Coaching, and (2) a passion and love for cooking and baking through her Artisan Bakery.    She believes and encourages all to  "Have your Cake and Live it Too!"  
Kimberly has completed certification through Life Purpose Institute, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.   Kimberly meets women every day who are "stuck" in their lives and can't seem to take the next step in a relationship, or a career path due to fear of the "unknown."  As a result, they often feel depressed, frustrated on a daily basis, and sometimes manifest illness.   In just two sessions, women already feel happier, find the strength to make the change, and know  that their life can and will be better than today. 
Blog Posts:  
Kimberly has found her own path to Living Life Lusciously and blogs about her journey on this website under Life Coaching/blog posts/Living Life Lusciously.    Additionally, as part of her love to cook and teach, she blogs to arm women with simple 30 minute recipes to create a meal for their man or significant other while dating; it is called "Make a Meal, Fix A Feast, Get the Guy!"   this can be found also under Life Coaching, blog posts, "Make A Meal, Fix A Feast, Get the Guy!"  it ties in with her coaching of women through the challenging and frustrating garden of dating.  
Live Life Lusciously artisan bakery, incorporates family recipes from three generations:  my Grandmother, my Nana, and my Mom.  Every time I bake, I am celebrating the phenomenal women in my life who taught me the nurturing and connecting power of baking, sharing, and entertaining.  I am thrilled to be able to share this with you!

It all started Christmas of 2012, when I began baking cheesecakes (the Grand Marnier Italian)  and sharing /delivering these cheesecakes in order generate for me, a holiday spirit and connection to my family, back East. ( I would go home for Thanksgiving but not Christmas).   Every friend and significant person in my life received a cheesecake, hand made, and delivered with holiday cheer by me and Sammy, my Shih Tzu puppy.  It was a fond time to say "thank you" to the many wonderful people in my life and to spread the love of the season.   Each year, the number of cheesecake gift requests would increase, and recipients would encourage me to sell them! So, in January of 2016, I decided to start Luscious Layne's which in September of 2018 was renamed as "Live Life Lusciously!"                                                                                                                                         
I re-branded as "Live Life Lusciously," for the double divine gift of (1) sharing my artisan bakery of sweet indulgences, and the love that creates these sweet indulgences with the world, and (2) sharing via blog posts (on this website), coaching, and through public speaking my personal journey and struggles in Learning to "Live Life Lusciously," daily, and to to share and create that gift for other women.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Women have the strength within them to change their life, and to lighten their load and their hearts:  through my bakery, I  put my love on your table as if you had made it yourself, and through my blogs, coaching, and public speaking,  together we are able to put love in your heart...for your self, and  for your wonderful life that you create.  We all experience pain and joy, let's create moments of enlightenment and laughter, and assist ourselves in finding a better place that honors  and celebrates each of us as individuals... Choose Happiness!                                                                                                                                         
So Ladies, my Sister Goddesses, indulge in a bit of sweetness from my bakery, and reach out for your free 30 minute consultation to Living Your Life Lusciously.  Kimberly@livelifelusciously.com.   I hope and pray that my words of truth melt into your heart so that you too can...
Indulge your Soul, Live Your Bliss!
God Bless,


Kimberly's story is part of the Arras Sisters Interview and Documentary Series on "Making The Tapestry," soon to be released on Netflix. 

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