Is your Life like a banquet whereby you are you always waiting for others to feed you, to fill you up?

Kimberly Layne

I am reading Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts.  I love how she uses the analogy that our life is like a Banquet Table.  Are we showing up to the table ( our relationships in our life) starving all the time and so desperate to be filled up and to eat. If you are in a relationship w a man, he doesn't want a desperate woman, and doesn't want the total responsibility of your happiness. Or are you relying on others in general to make you feel good, to celebrate the amazing you, to give you what you want and need?  Here's a thought, when you put your true happiness into your own hands so that you are not always showing up empty and desperate, you become a gratified woman, and "when you accept the power of yourself and your pleasures /happiness, you will find that the habits of moaning and lamenting will fall away," says Mama Gena.

Especially in this Love Month, give yourself as much love as you are giving others. remember you can only give and receive love as much as you love yourself.  so light a candle at your desk; take a break and buy the office a fruit plate or donuts, or chocolate cookies; actually go out to lunch this week vs. eating at your desk; give yourself flowers; create your own romance... and surprise yourself!

Hugs to you all.


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