The Power of Meditation

Kimberly Layne

The Power of Meditation.  Quite frankly, I avoided meditating for the longest time despite many friends, whom I greatly respect, suggested it would fill a gap in my life. When I did try to incorporate it in my life, I would try to do it while riding the reclining bicycle at the gym, taking a walk, or even before I went to sleep while lying down.  None of these avoidance methods brought any of the benefits of meditation. ugh!

About July of last year, the Universe decided to give me a greater nudge about meditation.  I was working as Vice President of Healthcare for a company, and in  March of 2018, they were acquired by a new PE firm who had an aggressive vision for growth.  Despite my extreme work ethic and efforts, I was not performing successfully and was in fear of the Ax falling on my neck.  As a result, I was suffering from debilitating, physical limiting migraines.  It was suggested that I try meditation, actual sit down, don't move, breathe in the stillness meditation.  I couldn't avoid it any longer. 

So, the  next morning, on July 2, I grabbed a steep cup of coffee, still in my pajamas, and positioned myself on my new meditation pillow, in front of my glass living room doors, and facing what I now call, "My Tree of Life!"  and began my practice of meditating.

I had been given a recorded meditation around balancing my Chakra's: Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and a Deep Purple, in which I envisioned each chakra color for a moment, beginning w red at the base of my spine, and gradually moving up my spine, color by color while chanting "Ummm."  I would do this 3 times; In the final 60 seconds of the meditation, in silence, I would say what I was thankful for in my mind or out loud.  It then closed w a divine personal message for me and my purpose. It took all of 11 minutes and 30 seconds. The goal was to get me out of my whirlwind of a mind, non stop worry, and lack of control over my circumstances.  I have to say, honestly, it really worked!  I began incorporating this meditation as part of my morning routine, the minute I get up. It makes such a huge difference in my attitude, sense of purpose, feeling peaceful, and most importantly staying present in the day and not launching myself into tomorrow, next week, next month or next year!  Meditation, through the chanting, and stillness has a unique ability to elevate your vibration so that you begin resonating and attracting those events and people that can truly guide you to your soul's purpose in this lifetime....and joy! I'm up for that; aren't you?!

Later that month, I was let go of from my VP Position and the migraines fell away the next day. I also met a wonderful man, though in my life for only 2 months, he brought to me the gift of what it truly feels like to be blissfully happy and to be in love.  Additionally, by elevating my vibration through meditation, I am now finding myself following my soul's passion and purpose through "Live Life Lusciously," both as an artisan bakery, and a motivator and empowerment of women by  sharing my personal challenges, and my life's journey as gifts with all of you in hopes that I can assist you in finding less pain and more joy and hopefully your bliss over the course of our connectedness.

Though I can't share my personal meditation chant. I am happy to share two other guided meditations that I religiously listen to a couple of times a month, each, when I have a moment on the couch on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or just the need for a mood booster in the middle of the week.

 Love Story, A guided Meditation ( as I am a hopeless romantic!)

Ariel Abundance Guided Meditation

Good luck and Happy Meditating!


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