Gratitude Daily puts you in the Present; Fear and Worry Put you in the Future!

Kimberly Layne

I started this year with w several intentions. One is to wake up every day and choose to be thankful for at least 3 people, events, experiences, or things in my life. 

Studies show that the human condition naturally wakes up on the side of negativity and with worry.   By replacing this fear and worry which only throws you into the unknowing, unpredictable future, with  gratitude and thoughts of abundance, you will find your attitude and therefore your happiness quotient go up! You naturally will begin to focus on events, people etc. that add moments of joy to your day as you experience your day.   I even gave my girlfriend a "gratitude jar" for Christmas in which she and her kids write down, daily, on gold notecards, what they are thankful for and place them in the Gratitude Jar.  At the end of the year, or whenever there is a moment one is feeling frustrated, depressed, unloved, and struggling w feeling joyous and happy, one should read from the Gratitude Jar. It will immediately boost your mood.  Gratitude is great for the Attitude!



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